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Hardware / IPhone U2 IC Compatibility
« on: June 17, 2018, 02:57:27 PM »

IPhone U2 IC Compatibility

iphone 5 U2 1608A

iphone 5S/5C U2 1610A1

iphone 6/6p U2 1610A2

iphone 6s/6sp U2 1610A3

iphone 7/7p U2 610A3B

iPhone 8/8p U2 1612A1

Don't forget to thank

NCK Box/Dongle / Re: Zte Blade L110 V1.0.4 Unlock done by NCK
« on: June 16, 2018, 11:03:30 AM »
Wovvvvv :) :) :)

Z3X Box / SAMSUNG SM-G360G UNLOCK Done by z3x
« on: June 14, 2018, 06:45:21 PM »
     Micro-USB cable:
  1. Phone must be powered on.
  2. Type *#0808# and select 'DM+MODEM+ADB'.
  3. Type *#9090# and choose 'DM/DUN over HSIC'.
  4. Reboot phone.
     Or use 'Activate Diag' function from 'Repair' tab.
  5. Connect USB cable, install drivers if needed.
  6. Select Samsung diagnostic port in port settings.
  7. Press 'Unlock' button for direct unlock.
    Reading codes using sever:
  1. Power on the phone.
  2. Tap 7 times on 'Build number' in 'Settings'-'About phone' to enable 'Developer options',
     go to 'Settings'-'Developer options' and enable 'USB debugging'.
  3. Connect the phone to PC with USB cable, install drivers if needed.
  4. Select device in ADB settings.
  5. Press 'Read Codes via server' button, write your login and password in window if it will appear.
    (Login and password will be saved as default after first input and can be changed in settings.)

Operation: Unlock
Selected model: SM-G360G
Selected port: COM146 SAMSUNG Mobile USB Serial Port
Software version: 32.7

Reading phone info...
Reading IMEI... OK
IMEI: 35609006373xxxx
Unlocking... OK
Reseting... OK
Unlock done

Done with Samsung Tool PRO v.32.7

Software / iPhone flashing error from WL team
« on: June 14, 2018, 04:09:40 PM »

iPhone flash error

 error -1   the error is caused by Baseband CPU or chip  or the power output of Baseband is not normal
 error  1   the error is caused by Baseband CPU or the power of Baseband doesn't work
 error  2   the error is caused by Baseband or Power output
 error  3   1:flash to 2/3 then flash error ,the error is caused by the physical of Baseband CPU.2:flash to 99% then flash error ,the error is caused by chip.first repair the chip,if still don't work,we can change the clock near by Baseband Power and retool change midband
 error  6   the error is caused by hard disk ,  if flash to 2/3 then flash error ,the error caused by chip
 error  9   the error is caused by hard disk ,  check the power output of nandflash or nandflash incomplete weld
 error  10  the error is caused  by Server validation ,maybe the wifi or CPU of iphone6 incomplete weld,sometimes the error is caused by iphone 6 only change CPU
 error  11  Check whether the fireware is complete
 error  12  The fireware close validation
 error  13  Check whether the fireware is complete and the connection of CPU is normal or not
 error  14  the error is caused by hard disk ,check the resisfance of nandflash and CPU
 error  15  the error is caused by hard disk or the power output of nandflash
 error  16  the error is caused by Baseband CPU or chip ,most of the chip
 error  20  flash in DFU mode again
 error  21  the error is caused by Power or on the cover of CPU
 error  23  8824  The above 7.11 the short circuit of Baseband ,please take down FL8 and VVC power,output then flash ,if the mainboard large current also flash error 21,23
 error  26  the error is caused by Baseband and chip
 error  27  the error is caused by the data of chip not match ,please use chip programmer repair
 error  28  the error is caused by CPU and hard disk
 error  29  check  the detective foot of POWER or POWER is broken or network problems
 error  31  the error is caused by Baseband
 error  40  the error is caused by hard disk or the Power output of nandflash
 error  47  the error is caused by chip or communication CPU
 error  48  the error is caused by Baseband CPU or chip ,if chip is broken ,it isn't sure can repair
 error  50  the error is caused by Baseband  CPU
 error  53  the error is caused by touch id finerprint and Server validation
 error  56  the error is caused by NFC or Baseband CPU or chip ,sometimes this error is most caused by the rear camera or the power output of iphone6
 error  91  the error is caused by hard disk
 error  1003 the error is caused by Baseband or nandflash
 error  1005 the error is caused by hard disk
 error  1013 the error is caused by Server validation
 error  1015 the error is caused by downgrade firmware ,repair the computer system then flash again
 error  1600 the error is caused by CPU
 error  1601 the error is caused by CPU
 error  1602 the error is caused by Power output or system
 error  1611 the error is caused by hard disk incomplete weld
 error  1669 the error is caused by data of chip is not match or missing ,sometimes the interface of iphone6s is burning up also flash error 1669
 error  2002 Check connection apple servers, associated with using a proxy server
 error  2003 change a USB or computer
 error  2009 change a computer then try again ,hard disk or power output try flash fail so many times
 error  3004 Batteries, cable, computer USB interface is not stable
 error  3014 Check the computer is connected to normal, degraded when check the SHSH backup server is normal
 error  3194 The firmware is not compatible, 1: validation closed 2: monster machine 3: trigger 4:peripheral communication not 5: tail plug 6: data line 7: computer firewall not closed [360 antivirus software]
 error  4005 the error is caused by hard disk or power output ,or change a computer
 error  4013 Flowers screen restart with English ,I2C bus short circuit or virtual welding ,Link chip is the underlying CPU, hard disk, U2, wifi, hard disk, etc, also have a baseband
 error  4014 the error is caused by CPU , or maybe hard disk line is broken
 error  4015 the error is caused by the cover of CPU
 error  0xe800006B check the USB cable is normal and device is connnected properly or not
 error  DXEXXXX    Ituns not installed in the disk C
 error  -23  the error is caused by ipad6 run out of battery
=======================[2017-06-13 23:23:02 Tue]

Hardware / iPhone 5s CPU Voltage
« on: June 13, 2018, 10:04:50 AM »

iPhone 5s CPU Voltage


នៅលើ IC

NCK Box/Dongle / Re: Nokia 3 Reset FRP Done By NCK
« on: June 11, 2018, 07:56:04 AM »

អេមណាស់ NCK

Hardware / iPhone 6 A8 CPU Voltage
« on: June 09, 2018, 11:18:50 PM »

iPhone 6 A8 CPU Voltage

យើងអាចវាស់នៅលើ បដ ទូរស័ព្ទ

យើងអាចវាស់នៅលើ IC ផ្ទាល់ពេលលើកចេញពីបដ

អធ្យាស្រ័យផងសំរាប់អ្នកចេះហើយ ខ្ញុំគ្រាន់តែចងចែករំលែក មិនម៉ែនអួតទេណា

Medusa Box / SAMSUNG SM-G532G Repair boot by Medusa box
« on: June 09, 2018, 10:56:23 PM »

SAMSUNG SM-G532G Repair boot by Medusa box

Pinout emmc

Jumper emmc with box


Welcome to Medusa Pro Software version 1.6.0.
Reader #0: FT SCR2000 0
Reader #1: FT SCR2000 1
Reader #2: Generic EMV Smartcard Reader 0
Downloaded and installed file C:/Program Files/Medusa Pro Software/firmwareFolder/SAMSUNG_SM-G532G_EMMC.srf.

Please disconnect battery and USB cable.

Model Settings:
Interface : eMMC
Brand     : Samsung
Model     : SM-G532G
SRF       : C:/Program Files/Medusa Pro Software/firmwareFolder/SAMSUNG_SM-G532G_EMMC.srf
Voltage   : 1.8V
Bus Mode  : 1 bit
Bus speed : Auto

Device       : Hynix eMMC H8G4u
Page size    : 512 B
Block size   : 512 B
Block count  : 15269888
Size         : 7.28 GB (7456.00 MB)
CID Info

CID                   : 90014A483847347592012932018754B1
Manufacturer ID       : 0X90
Device/BGA            : BGA (Discrete embedded)
OEM/Application ID    : 0X4A
Product name          : H8G4u
Product revision      : 0.1
Product serial number : (hex) 29320187
Manufacturing date    : 05/2017
CSD Info

CSD                   : D02701320F5903FFFFFFFFE78A40002B
CSD structure         : CSD version No. 1.2
SPEC version          : 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 4.41, 4.5,
                        4.51, 5.0, 5.01, 5.1
Data read access time1: 15 ms
TRAN speed            : 26 MHz
READ block length     : 512 Bytes
WP group enable       : YES

Revision 1.7 (for MMC v5.0, v5.01)
Erase block size      : 512 Kbytes
Boot1 size            : 4096 Kbytes
Boot2 size            : 4096 Kbytes
RPMB size             : 4096 Kbytes

Partition config      : (0x48) 01001000
Boot partition enable : Boot partition 1
(Bus width = 1Bit)
Boot ACK              : Boot acknowledge sent during boot operation Bit

Boot bus conditions   : (0x00) 00000000
Boot bus width        : x1 (sdr) or x4 (ddr) bus width in boot operation mode (default)
Reset boot bus conditions   : Reset bus width to x1, single data rate and backward compatible timings after boot operation (default)
Boot mode             : Use single data rate + backward compatible timings in boot operation (default)

RST_n function        : (0x01) RST_n signal is permanently enabled

Partitioning support  : Device supports partitioning features
Enhanced attribute    : Device can have enhanced technological features in partitions and user data area.
Max enhanced data size: 3817472 Kbytes
Partitions attribute  : 0x0
Part setting completed: 0x0
GP partition 1 size   : 0 b
GP partition 2 size   : 0 b
GP partition 3 size   : 0 b
GP partition 4 size   : 0 b
Enhanced area size    : (0x0) 0 b
Enhanced area start   : (0x0) 0 b

---------------------------------------------------------------Searching Android build info...

Disk/Image size       : d2000000 bytes
Device sector size    : 512 bytes
Partition offset      : 393216
Number of sectors     : 6307840
Device Manufacturer   :samsung
Device Platform       :mt6737t
Build ID              :MMB29T
Display Build ID      :MMB29T.G532GDXU1AQI2
Release ID            :6.0.1
Device Model          :SM-G532G
Device Name           :grandppltedx
Architecture ABI      :armeabi-v7a
Architecture ABI2     :armeabi
Architecture ABI List :armeabi-v7a,armeabi
Build Description     :grandppltedx-user 6.0.1 MMB29T G532GDXU1AQI2 release-keys

Backup EXT_CSD saved to file C:/Program Files/Medusa Pro Software/EXT_CSD Backups/H8G4u_06_06_2018_12_06_10.bin.
Connect successful.
SW: 1.6.0; FW: 1.23.
P00: GPT              (00000000, 00002000)   4 MB
P01: BOTA0            (00002000, 00002000)   4 MB
P02: nvram            (00004000, 00004000)   8 MB
P03: lk               (00008000, 00001000)   2048 KB
P04: BOTA1            (00009000, 00001000)   2048 KB
P05: secro            (0000A000, 00003800)   7 MB
P06: seccfg           (0000D800, 00000400)   512 KB
P07: efuse            (0000DC00, 00000400)   512 KB
P08: tee1             (0000E000, 00003000)   6 MB
P09: BOTA2            (00011000, 00003000)   6 MB
P10: EFS              (00014000, 00004000)   8 MB
P11: nvdata           (00018000, 00010000)   32 MB
P12: PARAM            (00028000, 00004000)   8 MB
P13: recovery         (0002C000, 00008000)   16 MB
P14: boot             (00034000, 00008000)   16 MB
P15: md1img           (0003C000, 00010000)   32 MB
P16: md1dsp           (0004C000, 00002000)   4 MB
P17: keystore         (0004E000, 00004000)   8 MB
P18: omekeystore      (00052000, 00001C00)   3584 KB
P19: proinfo          (00053C00, 00001400)   2560 KB
P20: para             (00055000, 00000400)   512 KB
P21: PERSISTENT       (00055400, 00000400)   512 KB
P22: STEADY           (00055800, 00000800)   1024 KB
P23: protect1         (00056000, 00004000)   8 MB
P24: protect2         (0005A000, 00004000)   8 MB
P25: RESERVE2         (0005E000, 00002000)   4 MB
P26: system           (00060000, 00604000)   3080 MB
P27: cache            (00664000, 000C8000)   400 MB
P28: hidden           (0072C000, 0001E000)   60 MB
P29: userdata         (0074A000, 00744000)   3720 MB
Repairing from file "C:/Program Files/Medusa Pro Software/firmwareFolder/SAMSUNG_SM-G532G_EMMC.srf".
Write data verification is enabled.

Switched to boot area partition 1.
Writing BOOT1 partition...   Done.

Switched to user area.
Writing GPT partition...   Done.
Writing bota0 partition...   Done.
Writing lk partition...   Done.
Writing bota1 partition...   Done.
Writing secro partition...   Done.
Writing seccfg partition...   Done.
Writing efuse partition...   Done.
Writing tee1 partition...   Done.
Writing bota2 partition...   Done.
Writing efs partition...   Done.
Writing param partition...   Done.
Writing recovery partition...   Done.
Writing boot partition...   Done.
Writing md1img partition...   Done.
Writing md1dsp partition...   Done.
Writing keystore partition...   Done.
Writing omekeystore partition...   Done.
Writing proinfo partition...   Done.
Writing para partition...   Done.
Writing persistent partition...   Done.
Writing steady partition...   Done.

Smart Repair is successfully complete.
SW: 1.6.0; FW: 1.23.


ដំណោះស្រាយ Nokia 105 at-1034 ជាប់កាស់

Hardware / iPhone 7plus direct short pp vdd main solved
« on: June 09, 2018, 10:32:15 PM »

iPhone 7plus ឆ្លងភ្លើង pp vdd main ដោយសារសាកថ្ម  >:( >:(

ខ្ញុំត្រូវការទិញ iPhone 5 ជាប់ iCloud  ចំនួន ២០ បដ បើបងប្អូនណាមាន ដាក់លេខទូរស័ព្ទមកខ្ញុំនឹងទាក់ទងទៅ



ជួយប្រាប់ពីរបៀបបង្ហោះរូបផងបង​​ ;D ;D ;D

Samsung / Re: All Combination Free here
« on: June 07, 2018, 09:00:24 AM »
មាន​ j530s អត់បង​ ?

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