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eMMC-UFS Dump-Pinout / OPPO A3s eMMC ISP
« on: September 17, 2019, 12:12:58 PM »

-A3s CPH1803 ISP

-A3s CPH1853 ISP

eMMC-UFS Dump-Pinout / all BGA emmc isp
« on: September 15, 2019, 12:02:59 PM »

-BGA 153 emmc pinout On Board

NCK/UMT/Avenger / Reset samsung frp with umt
« on: September 13, 2019, 12:30:47 PM »

- ដាក់ចូល Dow load mode Connect usb 1 2 3 4 5 Done

B-Box/Yellow Dongle / របៀប Backup 32MB
« on: September 12, 2019, 12:18:33 PM »

យើងអាច Backup 32MB​​​ 512MB 1GB តាមចិត្តយើង


MRT Dongle / Mrt Reset P*word VIVO ( MTK CPU )តាម ADB Mode
« on: September 11, 2019, 02:25:23 PM »

Mrt Reset P*word VIVO ( MTK CPU )តាម ADB Mode

Software / Huawei Firmwares
« on: September 10, 2019, 12:41:48 PM »

សូមទស្សនាវីដេអូ :

Octopus/Medusa / Octoplus Huawei Updates
« on: August 31, 2019, 09:10:12 AM »

Octoplus Huawei Tool v.1.1.1 Release Notes:

🐙 Added Direct Unlock, Reset FRP, Repair IMEI, Write Firmware (Test Mode), Read Full Backup, Write Full Backup via Test Point for the following devices:
AMN-L21, AMN-L22, AMN-L23, AMN-L29, AMN-LX9
JAT-L21, JAT-L23, JAT-L29, JAT-L41, JAT-LX1, JAT-LX3, JAT-TL00, JAT-TL20
KSA-AL00, KSA-L21, KSA-L22, KSA-L29, KSA-LX9, KSA-TL00
🐙 Added Direct Unlock, Read Info, Read Bootloader Reset Huawei Id, Repair Product Name/MEID/IMEI/BT/Wi-Fi SN/BSN/Vendor/Country Code for the following devices:
H60-L01, H60-L02, H60-L04, H60-L12
🐙 Added Direct Unlock, Read Info, Read Bootloader, Factory Data Reset, Reset Huawei Id, Repair Product Name/MEID/IMEI/BT/Wi-Fi SN/BSN/Vendor/Country Code for the following devices:
MT7-CL00, MT7-L09, MT7-TL00, MT7-TL09, MT7-TL10, MT7-UL00
🐙 Added Direct Unlock, Read Info, Read Bootloader, Repair MEID/IMEI/BT/Wi-Fi SN/BSN/Vendor/Country Code for the following devices:
🐙 Added Write Firmware, Read Full Backup, Write Full Backup operation for the following devices:
LYO-L01, LYO-L02, LYO-L21
🐙 Added Read Full Backup, Write Full Backup for the following devices:
🐙 Added Read /Write Full Backup and fixed Write Firmware operations for the following devices:
CUN-L01, CUN-L03, CUN-L21, CUN-L22, CUN-L23, CUN-L33
LUA-L01, LUA-L02, LUA-L03, LUA-L13, LUA-L21 V2, LUA-L21, LUA-L22, LUA-L23, LUA-U03, LUA-U22
MYA-AL00, MYA-L02, MYA-L03, MYA-L11, MYA-L13, MYA-L22, MYA-L23, MYA-L41, MYA-TL00, MYA-U29
TIT-AL00, TIT-L01, TIT-TL00, TIT-U02
CAG-L02, CAG-L03, CAG-L22, CAG-L23
🐙 Added more new firmwares into Support Area.

eMMC-UFS Dump-Pinout / OPPO F7 emmc isp
« on: August 30, 2019, 01:45:02 PM »

oppo f7 isp មាន ២ ប្រភេទ



Octopus/Medusa / Octoplus / Octopus Box Samsung Updates
« on: August 30, 2019, 10:36:02 AM »

Octoplus / Octopus Box Samsung Software v.2.8.2 is out!

Octoplus / Octopus Box Samsung Software v.2.8.2 Release Notes:
🐙 Added Read Codes operation (via server) for the following devices:
- SM-A105FN - added Read Codes, Read/Write Security, Read/Write EFS, Read/Write Cert, Repair IMEI, Repair Network, Write Firmwares, Read PIT
- SM-A202F - added Read Codes, Read/Write Security, Read/Write EFS, Read/Write Cert, Repair IMEI, Repair Network, Write Firmwares, Read PIT
- SM-A202FN - added Read Codes, Read/Write Security, Read/Write EFS, Read/Write Cert, Repair IMEI, Repair Network, Write Firmwares, Read PIT
- SM-A260F - added Read Codes, Read/Write Security, Read/Write EFS, Repair IMEI, Repair Network, Write Firmwares, Read PIT
- SM-A260G - added Read Codes, Read/Write Security, Read/Write EFS, Repair IMEI, Repair Network, Write Firmwares, Read PIT
- SM-A805F - added Read Codes, Read/Write NVM, Read/Write QCN, Read PIT, Write Firmware, Reboot in Download/Recovery mode
- SM-A805FN - added Read Codes, Read/Write NVM, Read/Write QCN, Read PIT, Write Firmware, Reboot in Download/Recovery mode
- SM-A805FZ - added Read Codes, Read/Write NVM, Read/Write QCN, Read PIT, Write Firmware, Reboot in Download/Recovery mode

🐙 Added Repair IMEI and Repair Network operations for the following devices:
- SM-A105F, SM-A105FN, SM-A105G, SM-A105M
- SM-A205F, SM-A205FN, SM-A205S, SM-A205Y, SM-A205YN
- SM-A305F, SM-A305FN, SM-A305G, SM-A305GN, SM-A305GT, SM-A3050, SM-A3058, SM-A305N, SM-A305YN,
- SM-A405F, SM-A405FN, SM-A405G, SM-A405GN
- SM-A505F, SM-A505FN, SM-A505FM, SM-A505G, SM-A505GN, SM-A505GT
- SM-A530F, SM-A530N, SM-A530W,
- SM-A730F, SM-A730N
- SM-A750F, SM-A750FN, SM-A750G, SM-A750GN
- SM-M105F, SM-M105G, SM-M105M, SM-M105Y
- SM-M205F, SM-M205FN, SM-M205G, SM-M205M
- SM-M305F, SM-M305M

🐙 Added RMM Unlock and KNOX Guard unlock operations
Note: on latest firmware versions these operations aren't supported

🐙 Improved Repair IMEI operation for Exynos-based devices

🐙 Improved Repair Network operation for Exynos-based devices

🐙 Fixed Read Codes operation for SM-A310x / SM-A510x/ SM-A710x series

🐙 Improved Read Codes operation for SM-J737A devices
Please Note! In order to use patch cert operation, you must have valid Octoplus server credits account with at least 100 credits on it. Credits will not be withdrawn for such operations.
Note! For some devices with the latest security patch version, you will need to write ENG modem in order to complete Read Codes operation!

🐙 Many new Samsung Combinations / ENG modems and general firmwares were uploaded into the Support Area

🐙 All supported operations described in details in the manual ("Cable & Manual" button in the software).

Octopus/Medusa / Octoplus/Octopus Box LG Updates
« on: August 30, 2019, 10:33:36 AM »

Octoplus/Octopus Box LG Software version 2.9.6 is out!

🐙 Added support for the following devices:
- LG (Arsito 2) LMX210TA - added Direct Unlock, Read/ Write NVM/ QCN/ Security, Repair IMEI, Read Write Full Flash, Write Firmware, Reset FRP (thanks to Mr. Dr_Wolodya)
- LG (V40 ThinQ) V405EB - added Read and Write NVM/QCN, Factory Reset, Write Firmware, Reset FRP via TP
- LG (V40 ThinQ) V405EBW - added Read and Write NVM/QCN, Factory Reset, Write Firmware, Reset FRP via TP
- LG (V40 ThinQ) V409N - added Read and Write NVM/QCN, Factory Reset, Write Firmware, Reset FRP via TP
- LG (G7 Fit) Q850EM - added Read and Write NVM/QCN, Factory Reset, Write Firmware, Reset FRP via TP
- LG (G7 Fit) Q850EMW - added Read and Write NVM/QCN, Factory Reset, Write Firmware, Reset FRP via TP
- LG (X4) LMX410K - added Read and Write NVM/QCN/Security, Reset Security, Repair IMEI, Read Full Flash, Write Firmware, Reset FRP
- LG (X4) LMX410S - added Read and Write NVM/QCN/Security, Reset Security, Repair IMEI, Read Full Flash, Write Firmware, Reset FRP
- LG (X4) LMX410L - added Read and Write NVM/QCN/Security, Reset Security, Repair IMEI, Read Full Flash, Write Firmware, Reset FRP (thanks to Mr. ..ANDROID BOSS..)
🐙 Added Factory Reset (for Factory Reset Status 2) for the following devices:
- M150, M151, M152, M154
🐙 Improved Unlock operation for the following devices:
- M150, M151, M152, M154
🐙 All supported operations are described in details in the Software manual ("Help"/"Cable Manuals" button in Software)

Octopus/Medusa / Octoplus FRP Tool Updates
« on: August 30, 2019, 10:29:23 AM »

Octoplus FRP Tool v.1.7.8 Release

🐙 Added Reset FRP, Reset Mi Account, Write Firmware operations via SAS for the following devices:
Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S (thanks to Mr. svetoslakis)
Xiaomi Mi Mix 3
Xiaomi Pocofone F1
Xiaomi Redmi 6
Xiaomi Redmi 6A
Xiaomi Redmi 7 - *(Reset Mi Account operation is not supported)

🐙 Added Write Firmware operation for Xioami devices based on Qualcomm CPU.

Note: One operation for all Xiaomi devices, supported via SAS, costs 15 Octoplus Server Credits.

Note: It is strongly recommended to reset FRP during MI account reset operation if you are being prompted to do so. Otherwise, MI account reset will be unsuccessful.
In this case you will be charged 30 credits for both operations.

Note: Reset Mi Account operation is not supported for devices running on Android 9.x.
You can try to reflash the device with Android 8.x firmware (downgrade) at your own risk!

Note: This solution is temporary. Factory Data Reset and Wipe Data from recovery menu will return your device to locked state!

Please be very careful with Write Firmware option, operations are not refundable!

Reset Mi Account operation was disabled for Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 device, because there is no Android 8 firmware available.

Improved routines with loaders for Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite/ Redmi 6 Pro / Redmi Note 6 Pro devices.

🐙 Improved Reset Flyme Account operation for Meizu M3 Note / MX5 devices.

🐙 Added Reset FRP and Reset Flyme Account operations via SAS for the following devices:
Meizu M1 E (thanks to Mr. Mr. alexis_01)
Meizu MX6 (M685H) (thanks to Mr. Mr. Dr_Wolodya)

🐙 Added Reset FRP for the following devices:
Huawei Y6 2019 (MRD-LX1F) (thanks to Mr. Ismail khan1978)
Archos 45d Platinum (AC45BNE) (thanks to Mr. gamssa_gsm)
Beeline Smart 2 (thanks to Mr. Sanginmurod.gsm)
BQ 7083 (thanks to Mr. Xaker2012)
CCIT X edition (thanks to Mr. pintu_das)
Cherry Mobile Omega Lite 3s (thanks to Mr. dabing)
Cubot R11 (thanks to Mr. chipscell25, lord of rings)
dcL L30 (thanks to Mr. Gsm_Flash Baba)
DEXP BL150 (thanks to Mr. Surtax)
DEXP Ixion M750 (thanks to Mr. Surtax)
Digma Plane 1505 3G (PS1083MG) (thanks to Mr. Xaker2012)
Fly Cirrus 16 (FS523) (thanks to Mr. Sanginmurod.gsm)
Greentel X Mini 4G (thanks to Mr. .::TEAM CCS::.)
Haier G7 (HM-G552-FL) (thanks to Mr. Sujansel)
HOMTOM S17 (thanks to Mr. nandapal)
Hotwav R8 (thanks to Mr. Ahmedashik)
I-Life Itell K3500N (thanks to Mr. apacheadmiral)
iLike P3 (thanks to Mr. Pufi164)
Infinix Hot 6X (X623) (thanks to Mr. TBOUY)
INOI 1 Lite (thanks to Mr. Sanginmurod.gsm)
Irbis TZ777 (thanks to Mr. djmurod86)
Itel A55 (thanks to Mr. Sujansel)
Fly M3 (thanks to Mr. Sujansel)
Lava A3 Mini (thanks to Mr. VIBINDAS_INDIA)
Lenovo K5 Note (L38012) (thanks to Mr. pintu_das)
Lenovo Tab 4 10" Plus (TB-X704L) (thanks to Mr. djmurod86)
Lenovo Tab E8 (TB-8304F1) (thanks to Mr. coolwaindo)
Leotec Titanium Print 4G (LESPH5508) (thanks to Mr. Remco)
LiteTel LT4001 (thanks to Mr. pintu_das)
LP N-45 Light (thanks to Mr. Pastime_GSM)
Mandalina M200 (thanks to Mr. Usmanov Rustam)
Mobicel Trendy 2 (thanks to Mr. SeharH)
Motorola Moto G5 Plus / Potter (XT1684) (thanks to Mr. imrankhaliq)
Motorola Moto G7 (XT1962-5) (thanks to Mr. Steve-1)
Nokia Nokia 3.1 (TA-1057) (thanks to Mr. Ahmedashik)
Nokia Nokia 3.1 (TA-1074) (thanks to Mr. tomelich)
Nomi Infinity Gray (i5730) (thanks to Mr. rusgard)
Nous NS5002 (thanks to Mr. podeevvector)
Okapia Mirage (thanks to Mr. hasanphone)
Oppo F7 (CPH1819) (thanks to Mr. naveedullah0044)
Oppo R9m (thanks to Mr. nyakam)
Prestigio Wize PMT1177 4G (PMT1177 4G) (thanks to Mr. Prototip4ik)
QMobile i5i 2019 (thanks to Mr. Arsalankhan2002)
QMobile i8i 2019 (thanks to Mr. ABDULMANAN)
Quantum You 2 (thanks to Mr. Sanginmurod.gsm)
Sansui Play (thanks to Mr. apacheadmiral)
Stream HT16 (thanks to Mr. FayGsmDZ)
Symphony R40 (thanks to Mr. Gsm_Flash Baba)
Symphony V145 (thanks to Mr. pintu_das)
Tinmo F588 (thanks to Mr. Ahmedashik)
Ulefone S11 (thanks to Mr. gamssa_gsm)
Vodafone VFD210 (thanks to Mr. gsmforce1)
Walton Primo G8i (thanks to Mr. mojahiudul)
Walton Primo NF4 (thanks to Mr. Gsm_Flash Baba)
WE L6 (thanks to Mr. Gsmmilon)
Wiko Y60 (W-K510) (thanks to Mr. Remco, mouhane)
4GOOD Style R407
Accent Pearl A4 Lite
Advan G3
Advan i5
Advan i6A
Advance HL5667
Advance HL5677
Advance HL5767
Advance Hollogram (HL6077)
Advance PR6146
Advance PR7144
Advance SP7245
Advance TR4986
Airis TM45L
Alcatel A3A XL 4G (OT-5099I)
Alcatel Idol 4 (OT-6055A)
Alcatel One Touch Pixi 3 (7) 3G (OT-9007A)
Alcatel OT-5003G
Alcatel Pixi 3 Tablet 7" Wi-Fi (OT-8167)
Alcatel U3 (OT-4055A)
Alcatel U3A 10 Wi-Fi / 1T 10" (OT-8182)
Aligator eXtremo (RX460)
Aligator RX700
Aligator S5050
Allview Easy (P43)
Allview P10 Mini
Allview P8 Life
Allview P9 Energy Mini
Allview X3 Soul
Allview X4 Soul Infinity Plus
Allview X4 Soul Style
Alter Volta
Altice S12
Anee A1 Neo
Aplus A700
Arbustus AR3 Plus
Archos 101c Helium (AC101CHE)
Archos 70 Platinum v2 (AC70PLV4)
Archos 70b Neon (AC70BNE)
Archos Access 40 4G (AC40AS4G)
Ark Benefit M2
Ark Benefit M7
Ark Benefit S452
Artel U2
Artel U3
Artel U4
*istant AP-727G
*istant AS-501
*istant AS-5431
*istant Surf (AS-5421)
Astarry Sun 5
Asus ZenFone 4 Max (ZB500TL (X00KD)
Avenzo MOB4 Pro 4G
Avion A10 Pro
Axioo AX5 (Venge X)
Axxa S60
Azumi A40LT
Azumi A45
Azumi AX5
Beeline Pro 4
Beeline Pro 5 (A451)
Beeline Tab Fast
Beeline Tab Fast 2
BenQ B506
Benzo Cl* S350 LTE
Billow X100V6
Bird E5018
Bitel B8603
Blackfox B3Fox Plus (BMM 542D)
Blackfox BMM 533D
Blackview A60 Pro
Blackview BV5500 Pro
Blackview BV9000 Pro
Blackview P6000
Bleck Be Se
Blоw BlackTAB7
BLU Studio C 8 Plus 8
Bluboo D6 Lite
Bluboo S8a
Bluesky BSS45
Blusens Smart Elegance 3
Bmobile AX1082
Bmobile AX1092
Bmobile AX715
BMobile AX824
BQ 5003L
BQ Aquaris C Plus
BQ First (5015L)
BQ Hornet Max (1084L)
BQ Jumbo (6050)
BQ Slim (5701L)
BQ Spot (5010G)
BQ Strice Power (5514G)
BQ Strike Selfie Max (5504)
BQ Strike View (5301)
BQ Turbo (BQS-4555)
BQ Wide (5515)
Brandt Bprime
Bravis Diaomond (S500)
Bravis NB108
Bravis NB754
Bundy B-Touch 7
Camfone Hero SX
Casper Via P1
CCIT i6 Plus
Ceibal A102
Celkon CliQ 2
Cellacom M531
CellAllure Miracle XS
CF9 U2
Cherry Mobile Astro 2 (Q490)
Cherry Mobile Desire R7
Cherry Mobile Flare A2 Lite
Cherry Mobile Flare J2 DTV
Cherry Mobile Flare J5
Cherry Mobile Flare J8 LTE
Cherry Mobile Flare P1
Cherry Mobile Flare S5 Power
Cherry Mobile Flare S6 Selfie
Cherry Mobile Spin Max
Clever C45
CloudFone Excite C
CloudFone Ice Plus 2
CloudFone Thrill Boost 2 Plus
CloudFone Thrill Plus 2
CloudFone Thrill View
Clout Hind
Colors S11
Comio X1
Condor Allure A100 (PGN-607)
Condor Griffe T8 (SP-532)
Condor Infinity E4
Coolpad E2
Cube i7 Stylus (U107GT-S)
Cube iPlay 10 (U83)
Cubot J5
Cubot P12
Cubot X17S
Cubot Z100
Cyrus CS22
Cyrus CS40
Danew Konnect 602
Denver-Electronics SDQ-55024L
Digi C1
Digi R1
Digiland DL5003QL
Digiland DL9002
Digma Linx X1 Pro 3G (LS4051MG)
Digma Plane 1584S 3G (PS1201PG )
Digma Plane 7574S 4G (PS7191PL)
Digma Plane 8536E 3G (PS8148MG)
Digma Plane 8566N 3G (PS8181MG)
Digma Vox Flash 4G (VS5015ML)
Digma Vox S508 3G (VS5031PG)
Ding Ding X11S
Do Mate 1
Do Mate 2
Doogee BL12000 Pro
Doogee S40
Doogee S50
Doogee S80 Lite
Doogee T5S
Doogee X100
Doogee X90L
Doogee Y8 Plus
Doogee Y8C
Duubee E1
Echo Moon
EKO Omega Q50
EKO Star G65
Elephone A5
Elephone Soldier
Elephone U
Energizer E500S
Energizer Energy E500 (E500)
Energizer Hardcase (H500S)
Energizer Power Max P600S (P600S)
Energy Sistem Energy Tablet Pro 4
Epic ePad i7
Epik One Jaguar (X572)
Ergo B501
Ergo V550 Vision
Essentielb Connect 503
E-tel L3
E-tel O2
E-tel Q20
E-tel Q30
Evercoss S55B
Evertek E7224HG
Evertek EverAllure II
Evertek EverMiracle Power
Evertek EverStar S
EveryPhone EP-172BZ
Evolveo StrongPhone Q9
E-wis EW-T700M
Excelvan M07K6
Eyo Drd Moonligth
F2 Mobile LT16
F2 Mobile LT18
FERO A5001
FERO Royale X1
FERO Royale Y1
FiGi Mtwo
Fly Mobile Intense Grand
Flash Live
Fluo Live 4G
Fluo M2 Plus
Fluo Play 8
Fluo Pop
Fluo Techno
Fly Cirrus 14 (FS522)
Fly Life Sky
Fly Nimbus 17 (FS527)
Fly Nimbus 4 (FS511)
Fly Power Plus XXL (FS530)
Four Mobile Axiom (S500)
Four Mobile S550
Four Mobile Sky 3 (S186)
Four Mobile Storm (S310)
Freetel FTU152D
Freetel Priori 3 LTE (FTJ152A)
Freetel Priori 3s LTE (FTJ152B)
Ghia Sveglio G1
Ghia Sveglio Q1
Gini E6 Plus
Gini S4
Ginzzu GT-7100
Gionee M7 Lite
Girasole Tab 5
GLX Shahin
Gmango X7 Plus
GoClever Quantum 2 500 Rugged
GOL Team 7 3G
Gome 2017M27A (U7)
Gome C7Note
Gome S1
Gome U7 Mini
Greentel M9
Gtel A770 SL8 Pro
Gtel X5
G-TiDE T11 3G
G-Touch Stella
G-Touch Stella XS
Haier Elagance (E13)
Haier Elegance (E9)
Haier G700F
Haier i50
Haier L32
Haier Pursuit (G40)
Haier T51
Haier T53P
Hexabyte HB-X7
Hexabyte XPad 10 (HB-XL)
Hezire HTB801
HighScreen Boost 3 Pro SE
HighScreen Easy L
HighScreen Power Rage Evo
HighScreen Prime L
Himax M20i
Himax M20s
Himax M22
Himax Pure 3S
Himax Y12
Hipstreet 10DTB44
HiSense F20 (QCOM)
Hisense Starxtrem 6
Hometech HT 8MZ
Honeywell EDA50
Hotwav Symbol Max
Hotwav Venus R3
Huawei Enjoy 5S (TAG-AL00)
Hurricane Ridge Plus
Hyundai A26062K
Hyundai A26062L
Hyundai Eternity G24 (G25524K)
Hyundai G24027K
Hyundai HY-PRO5023
Hyundai L465
Hyundai Maestro HDT 7427G Plus
Hyundai Maestro HDT-7427G
Hyundai Ultra Live II
Hyundai W25544L
iBall F2F (Andi 5H)
iBall Slide 4GE Mania
iBall Slide Nimble 4GF
Ibrit Alpha Plus
Ibrit I7
iGET Ekinox K5
iGET Smart G71
iHunt Alien X Lite 2020
iHunt Like 3
iHunt Like 4U
iHunt Like Hi5
iHunt X300 Elite
Ikimobile GO4.5
IKU i4
IKU Zeus (Z55i)
ILike X5 Lite
ILike X6
iMars Milky Way (M2)
IMO Q2 Plus
Impression Ultra Power 6200 (ImSmart C551)
I-Navi ITP-XD80L
Inco Plain 2S
INew U5
Infinity S One
Infinix Hot S (X521S)
Infinix Note 5 (X604B)
InFocus Bingo 50 (M460)
Inhon E30
InnJoo Fire 2 Pro LTE
InnJoo T2
Intex Aqua A4
Intex Aqua Cl*ic
Intex Aqua Crystal
Intex Aqua Joy
Intex Aqua Note 5.5
Intex Aqua Selfie
Intex Aqua Supreme Plus
Intex Aqua Zenith
Intex Cloud Q11
Intex Cloud Style 4G
Intex Elyt E6
Invens D3
Invens Diamond D6
Invens Eager E12
Invens Royal R2
IPRO Amber 6 (I9559)
IPRO Speed L
IQ & T IFoo A101
Irbis SP06
Irbis SP453
Irbis SP510
Irbis TZ175
Irbis TZ737
Irbis TZ792
Irbis TZ960
Iris G7100
Iris IS3 Plus
Iris Next V
IRulu X27
iTechno i2 T&S
Itel A16S
Itel A23S
IVA G7 Power
iVOOMi i Pro
iVOOMi Ineelo 1
iVOOMi Me 1 Plus
Jinga Basco L451
Jinga Basco M500 3G
Jinga Fresh
Jinga Win Pro
Jivi Prime P4442
Jivi Xtreme 1
Jivi Xtreme 3X
Jivi Xtreme 7
Kalley Element Max
Kalley Element Pro 2
Kalley K Book 7
Kanji KJ-Yubi
Karbonn Aura Power 4G
Karbonn K9 Smart Plus
Karbonn Titanium Frames S7
Karbonn Titanium Vista
Keecoo P11
Klipad V350
Kodak Smartway M1
Konka KE2
Konrow Coolsense
Konrow Easy 5
Krip K6
Krono Net 1100
Kult 10
Kult Impulse (KT05)
Kzen Lamia L01
Kzen Majesty M2
Landvo S7
Lanix L540
Lark Stratus 5
Lava Iris 42
Lava Iris 550
Lava V5
Lava X28 Plus
Lava X50 Plus
Leagoo Alfa 2
Leagoo M10
Leagoo M13
Leagoo P1 Pro
Lenovo A5600
Lenovo S5 Pro (L58041)
Lenovo Phab 2 Pro (PB2-690Y)
Lenovo Tab E7 (TB-7104F)
Lenovo Z5 (L78011)
Leotec LESPH5011 (Argon E250)
Leotec Q3G
Leotec Supernova (QI16)
Leotec Supernova Qi32
Linnex Li 22
LiteTel LT5001
Logic L5U
Logic X50A
Logic X5T
Logicom ID Bot 553 Plus
Logicom Le Hola
Logicom Le Moov 2
Logicom L-Ement 503
Logicom L-Ement 553
Logicom L-ITE 504 HD
Logicom L-ITE 506 HD
LP Infinity
LP Infinity Plus
LP N-45
Lumitel L9503
Lumus Neo (SR620)
Lyf Water F1s (LS-5201)
Macoox MC-X7
Mafe M8
Magnus Bravo Z25 Plus
Mammoth S90
M*tel N403
M*tel N558
M*tel N590
Master-G Sense 704G
Maximus P7 Plus
MDC M100
Mecer MF716
Mecer MF716 Plus
Mecer Xpress Smartlife (M16QF2)
Mediacom Phone Pad Duo G415 (M-PPxG415)
Mediacom PhonePad Duo B400 (M-PPxB400)
Mediacom PhonePad Duo G512 (M-PPxG512)
Mediacom PhonePad Duo X530U (M-PPxX530U)
Mediacom PhonePad Duo X532L (M-PPxX532L)
Mediacom SmartPad S2 4G (M-MP7S2A4G)
Medion E5004
Meizu C9 Pro (M819H)
M-horse P1
M-horse Pure 3
Micromax Canvas Evol Note (E453)
Micromax P802
Micromax Q4151
Micromax Q480
Mifaso X1
Mintt X1
MiONE Hero 4
Mito A62
Mito Z1 (A37)
Mivo Jazz J1
Mls Energy 4G (iQE100)
Mls Fab 4G (iQEL41)
Mls iQ181011N
Mls iQTalk Diamond 4G (iQ9508)
Mls iQTalk Wave 4G (iQ1510)
Mls iQW553
Mls Slice 4G (iQ5017)
Mls Spirit 8C 4G (iQ1518)
Mobell Nova X
Mobicel Fever
Mobicel Switch Go
Mobiola Polys (MS45L1)
Mobistel Cynus E6
Mobistel Cynus E8
Movic F4501
Movic F6002
Movistar AC5EL
Movitel M8416
Movitel M8601
MPman PH402
M-Tech Power
MTN Ka Chocolate
Multilaser M10A
Multilaser ML TI MS80
Myfon Mypad 7
myPhone C-Smart Glam
myPhone Go
myPhone Hammer Active 2
myPhone my29S
myPhone MY801
myPhone MY806 (A6 DTV)
myPhone MY807
myPhone myT3 DTV
myPhone myX2
myPhone myX5
myPhone Prime 18x9
myPhone Q-Smart II Plus
MyWigo Turia 3 (MWG 419-3)
Naomi Phone Ambar
Nasco Allure
Nasco Magic
Nasco Snap
Nasco Snap Pro
Navon Predator 3G
NGM You Color (Smart 5)
Noblex N501
Nomi 6 Plus
Nomi Corsa 4 (C070014L)
Nomu S10 Pro
Nomu S20
Nook Tablet 7" (BNTV460)
Nous NS5003
Novo Vi Note
Nubiolite N2 Lite (LS032I)
NuVision TM101A540N
NuVision TM800A620M
NYX Mobile Click
Oale P5S
Oale P6S
Ober Primo E8
Obi SJ1.5
Oking Ok-Smart 15
OneClick C2 Pro
Onix S551
Oppo A51f
Oukitel C10 Pro
Oukitel C12
Oukitel C2
Oukitel C5
Oukitel K4000 Plus
Oukitel K7 Power
Oukitel U23
Oukitel U25 Pro
Ovvi Blade 4
Ovvi K2L (Jumbo X1)
Own Fun 4 2018
OWX Mobile W77
Oysters Pacific I 4G
Oysters T104MBi 3G
Oysters T74N 3G
Oysters T84Bi 4G
Oysters T84Ni 3G
Panasonic Eluga Pulse
Panasonic Eluga Turbo
Panasonic P6
PhoneMax IQM Pic*o
PhoneMax Q5
Plum Comp* LTE (Z517)
Plum Gater 4 (Z406)
Polaroid PRO55164PGE01
Polaroid PRO6084FPGE01
Polaroid PSPTD21NA
Polytron P551S
Posh Volt Max LTE (L640)
Posh X700
Premio S70
Prestigio MultiPad Grace PMT3257 3G (PMT3257 3G)
Prestigio MultiPad Grace PMT3778 3G (PMT3778 3G)
Prestigio MultiPad Wize 3437 (PMT3437 4G)
Prestigio MultiPad Wize PMT3171 3G (PMT3171 3G)
Prestigio MultiPhone Grace 5718 4G (PMT5718 4G)
Prestigio MultiPhone Grace 5778 4G (PMT5778 4G)
Prestigio MultiPhone Grace B7 LTE (PSP7572 DUO)
Prestigio MultiPhone Wize F3 (PSP3457 DUO)
Prestigio MultiPhone Wize M3X (PSP3516 DUO)
Prestigio Wize 3096 3G (PMT3096 3G)
Prestigio Wize 3327 3G (PMT3327 3G)
Prestigio Wize V3 (PSP3513 DUO)
Primux Omega X
Prixton C64Q
Proline H10888M
Q.touch Q85
Qilive Q10S5IN4GR
Qilive Q4S6IN4G
Qilive Q6T7IN4G
Qilive Q7S5IN4GP
Qilive Q8T7IN
Qilive Q9S55IN4G
QMobile i9i
QMobile J1
QMobile J7
QMobile LT100
QMobile LT650
QMobile Noir Z12 Pro
QMobile QSmart LT200
QMobile QTab V200
QMobile QTab V7
QMobile QTab V8 Plus
QMobile Z12
Qubo Chiara
Qubo Cronos
Qubo Eos
Ravoz R4
Raylan P20 Plus
Reeder P11
Reliance Orbic (RC501L)
Rivo RX400
Robuste RLine
RT Project Rush
RT Project Uno
RTK Eskimo K5001
Ruio S5 Plus
Ruio S5006
Sansui S73 (S503630)
Seatel L4
Selecline S4S4IN3G
Selecline S5S4IN3G
Selecline S5T7IN3G
Selfix Experius (ES732)
Sendtel Flash 2
Senseit R450
Servicom 4G Premium
Sharp R1S (FS8028)
Sico Express 2
Sico Mega 2 Max
Sico Plus 2
Simtop C4
Sky Elite 5.0L Plus
Sky Fuego 5.0D
Sky Platinum A55
Sky Pro Selfie
Slide SP5023
Smart Coral T2
Smart Viva II
Smartec Hiker
Smartec Sigma
Smartex M700
Solone Wind Air (W1452)
SPC Gravity Pro
SPC L51 Pro
Speedmind PR6145
Ssky Y888
Stark Canvas Spark 2 Pro (Ignite V1)
Stark Impress Cool
Stark Impress Fun
Starlight My Star X
Starlight Star Mix
Starmobile Play Go
Starmobile UP Rave
STF Aura
STF Aura Plus
STF Joy Pro
STK One Max
Sugar Y12s
Swipe Elite 2 Plus
Swiss Mobility PRA100
Swiss Mobility PRA507
Tech 4U Air
Tech 4U Volte
TechPad X5
Tecno Camon I Air 2 Plus (ID3K)
Tecno Camon i4 (CB7j)
Tecno DP10A
Tecno DroiPad 7F (P703)
Tecno KB2
Tecno N9S
Tecno Phantom 9 (AB7)
Tecno POP 2s (KB2h)
Tecno R8
Tecno SA1
Tecno Spark CM (KA9)
Tееno A9 Plus
Teesso X2
Telefunken Outdoor LTE
Tesla SP6.2 Lite
Texet X-Plus (TM-5577)
Timmy M40
Tmovi Infinit 2
Torque Ego Note 3G
Touchmate TM-MID1020
Touchmate TM-MID792TB
TP-Link Neffos N1 (TP908A)
True Slim SSB-508D
TurboX A4
TurboX E3
TWM Amazing A30
TWM Amazing X5S
Uhans A101
Ulefone Be Pure Lite
Ulefone Note 7
Ulefone Note 7P
Ulefone P6000 Plus
UMAX VisionBook P50 LTE
Umidigi A5 Pro
Umidigi One Max
Unonu U5008 Plus
Unonu W50A
Vega TAB-67
Versus Mid 904Q
Vertex EF
Vertex EO
Vertex Impress Aero
Vertex Impress Blade
Vertex Impress Funk
Vertex Impress Genius
Vertex Impress More
Vertex Impress Style
Verykool Apollo (S5036)
Verykool Cyprus Jr. (S6004)
Vestel V Tab 1050
Vestel Venus V7
Videocon Starr100 (V406018)
Videocon Z55 Krypton
Viumee EV7 Pro
Vivax TPC-101 3G
V-mobile A13
Vodafone Blade V9 (VFD820)
Vodafone Smart Turbo 7 (VFD501)
Vonino Epic E8
Vonino Magnet M1
Vortex Matrix
Vortex Sync
Vortex Volt
Voto V4
Vsun Mars Note
Vsun Saturn Selfie
Vsun Smart Plus
Vsun Touch
W & O Max 8
Walton Primo G7
Walton Primo G8i 4G
Walton Primo GH5
Walton Primo NF3
Walton Primo NX3 Plus
Walton Primo NX4
Walton Primo NX4 Mini
Walton Primo ZX3
Weiimi P9
Weimei Force 2
Winmax Polar H4
Winmax Polar H5
Wolder WIAM 71 Plus
Xcell Nova
Xenon XP-788C
Xgody X24
Xgody Y13
Xiaomi libra (Mi 4c)
Xiaomi Mi Max 3
Xiaomi Mi Pad 4
X-TIGI V3 Plus
Xtouch R3 LTE
Xtratech X739Q
Yezz E400A
Yuho O1 Lite
Yuho Y1 Star
Zamko Smart Z5 Ultra
Zatec Play
Zatec Wind
ZEN Admire Glory Plus
ZEN Admire Strong
Ziox Astra Nxt Pro
Ziox Astra Star
Zoom Ultra
Zopo C2
ZTE Axon Mini (B2016)
ZTE Blade A0722 (A0722)
ZTE Nubia M11 Mini S (NX549J)
ZTE ZMax Grand LTE (Z916BL)
Zuum Atlas
Zuum Nox
Zuum Stellar Plus
Zuum Ultra

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